Ray Vin’s scope stand head

Ray Vin’s scope stand head, a separate item, is cleverly engineered so that it “floats” the scope close to the shooter’s head without interfering with the placement of a front pedestal rest orultra wide bipod. The set up allows the shooter to adjust scope height, rotation (around the stand shaft), scope angular elevation, and eyepiece orientation, all with one control.

Startup costs for the Kentucky exchange are being covered by federal grants, but the state will be responsible for all funding beginning in 2015. Banahan said options being considered include using revenue from the existing 1 percent fee on insurance premiums.

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They are clothespin cord holders, and when I first saw them I didn’t understand how they worked. I’m guessing if the Pin had been linked to a website in English I might have been able to read the instructions, but it only took me a couple minutes to figure out that these are actually pretty basic..

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I will not take the 70k salary. I’ll take the county average (29k) and give the rest to dementia causes in our region. Nothing too serious, mind you. The bokeh can be attractive if you work at it the lens uses seven rounded diaphragm blades to help with that.

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