“A mutt, like me.”

I may thank gods, angels or the unpredictable path of fairy dust, but mostly, I thank the physical laws of nature that force fluids to find equilibrium. And I must thank Senator Obama for even wanting to take the White House. I have now completed both his books and I think him a man of transcendent insight self-disciplined with humility.

What distresses me most now is that I well know this country, with its media meglomania at the helm, will continue to demean that which is truly extraordinary. Bizarre, yes, enlightened, hardly. I had hoped that the outcome of this election (bless my children and most likely, yours) would jump-start the demise of the neo-conservative movement. I have chosen to believe that such is possible because Obama won, rather than Clinton, or Edwards, or any faceless Democrat offered up victory in response to George Bush, Dick Cheney, crony-capitalism and the lot.

So I say here and now, if this man fails as president, it will be our fault, not his.

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  1. Very astute observation! May we all take note as a nation to walk in the paths our forefather’s walked to actually support our elected leader. What a breath of fresh air it would be not to be bombarded by the media about opinion polls or the shredding of our leader to bits over some slanted agenda.

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